سابقة الأعمال

Communication Sector:

Stand by power station of El folly central
Stand by power station 10 th of Ramadan central

Hospitals Sector:

AL Obour Hospital – Zagazig

Banking Sector:

Development and agriculture credit bank (45) generators for bank branches

Water and waste water treatment sector:

Heryet Rizina water pumping stations
Mohamed Abu Hussein water pumping stations
Abu kebeir water pumping stations
Mashtoul water pumping stations
Bardin waste water booster pumping station
Bardin water treatment stations
Harbyt – Abo kaber waste water booster pumping station
Abo hamad waste water booster pumping station
Al salhya water plant

Industry Sector :

Magzar Al Romy
Al mozon Al Motahdon Factory – 10 Th Ramadan City
Om zyad Factory for Plastic