سابقة الأعمال

Communication Sector:

Standby power station of Ahmed  Orabi  central
Helioplece Agriculture society central
Standby generator of Egypt  tourism building Call center
Standby power station of 15 may central

Hospitals Sector:

Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al Aini, Main Conference Hall
Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Cairo Branch
Development of Cairo University Hospitals
Al Manaratain hospital and Mosque
Al Rowad sight correction center

Civil aviation Sector:

Cairo International Airport
Egyptian General Civil Aviation Authority

Banking Sector:

Cairo For East Bank (Ouda bank)

Water and waste water treatment sector:

Manshaat Naser Waste Water Booster  Pumping Station
Kafer El Alou Sewage Pumping Stations (Hellwan  )
Oxidization Ponds Booster Station – New Cairo City
Katamia Water Booster Pumping Station No (1) –  New Cairo City
Katamia Water Booster Pumping Station No (2) –  New Cairo City
Elroubiki Sewage pumping Stations – Badr city
Project development and transfer for  Elroubiki
Water pipeline Project 1400 MM – AL SHROK CITY

Agriculture Sector:

Al Amal Farms, Cairo – Ismaeliya- road
Seryan Farms, Cairo – Alexandria –  road
Ard El khir Farms, Cairo – Alexandria – road
Farms of Emirates Agricultural Investment Company

Industrial and Petroleum Sector :

Atlantic  for Industrial Co. – Coca cola Factory
CEPSA for Petroleum Services Co.
El swedy contracting Co. – 10 th Ramadan.
Elobour Milk factory-Elfath international group – El obour City.
Rock Wall factory – 15 May City.
Olympic group (Be Tec) – Nasr City.
El Tayseer Co.
El Zaietone Cinema.
Web Joint Co.
Mokhtar Ibrahaim Co.
Al-Hilal and star company – Yemen
Sugar and Industries supplements company
El Paso Petroleum company
Raily away company
Teba for Engineering Industries
Cairo company for Petroleum refining
Ritch moned Egypt company
Shemi  Mntopy company

Irrigation and water resources:

Reagwo Underground researches

Tourism sector

Walton for hotels company
Karmat  El Nile company

Transport Sector:

National  Authority for Tunnels, phase one, third line, ” Abbsia- Attaba”, Stations of:
(Abbasiya  – Attaba –Bab El Sheriya –Abdo Basha)
National  Authority for Tunnels, phase two, third line, ” El marad El Ahram”,  Stations of:
(El Maared- Kolleyet El Banat – yousef Abesa – El Ahram)